How to Buy: Step by Step Instructions

Your step by step guide to buying your V4 wood flooring:

Step 1: Choose your floor from our extensive range

Step 2: measure your floor and decide on the number of packs you need or simply type in the width and depth of the floor and the calculation will be done for you. Add the number of packs to your basket. View the basket or go to the next step.

Step 3: Profiles and Edging: choose the profiling and edging you need for your flooring. If you need the edging or profiling for the whole floor, the quantity has been automatically calculated and you simply need to select ‘Add to basket’ under the products you need. You can edit the quantity if you wish.

Step 4: Sub Floor Prep and Underlays: Add your required products to the basket

Step 5: Adhesives and Finishes: Add your required products to the basket

Step 5: Maintenance, Fillers and Repairs: Add you required products to the basket

View basket and go to checkout.

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